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At HAS-Motion, our consulting, training, and support services are precisely crafted with one thing in mind: you. From research consulting to in-depth R&D training, we support individuals and corporations alike in honing their research and analysis capabilities. Our software consulting goes beyond the norms, providing actionable insights and strategies that are both robust and scalable. Let’s push the bounds of what’s possible as we bolster your ventures with our expert support services.

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Every software application we offer comes backed by our exceptional, world-renowned customer support. Expect rapid responses, often within just a few hours of your query submission. We pride ourselves on fostering direct engagements with our customers, assisting them in addressing the core issues at hand. Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team of software developers and biomechanical engineers—the very individuals who crafted the applications—who are at your disposal to answer your support requests with unparalleled insight and proficiency.

Customer support also unlocks your access to all of our software updates throughout the year, ensuring that you always have the latest tools for your analysis.

Our Consulting & Training


For projects requiring more than regular software support, we provide a consulting service to help our customers craft research methods, automate their analysis using pipelines, and execute custom analysis processes.

Not sure where to start? Contact us to learn how our experts can build personalized solutions for you today!

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At HAS-Motion, we don’t just want to build software tools, we also want to share our knowledge. That’s why we provide training sessions for all of our software applications that not only guide you in navigating through the functionalities but also delve into the foundational principles that govern the application.

Whether you’re learning a new application or looking to go deeper, contact us to see how our training packages can get you started.

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Ready to transcend the ordinary and step into the future with confidence? HAS-Motion is eager to facilitate your journey through expert consultation, training, and steadfast support. Contact us today to harness the full potential of your projects and see them flourish under expert guidance.

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