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Dive deep into the world of biomechanics with HAS-Motion, your trusted partner in biomechanical analysis software. We specialize in crafting sophisticated software that stands at the intersection of innovation and ease-of-use. Through our services, professionals and students can access a wealth of resources and tools, finely tuned to enhance research and developmental projects. Our biomechanics software offers a comprehensive suite to analyze human movement in a streamlined and efficient manner, making complex analyses accessible to a broad spectrum of users. Partner with us and redefine your perception of the pinnacle of biomechanical exploration.

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This versatile tool powers the creation of intricate biomechanical models and completely customizable analyses. Visual3D adeptly processes data amassed through a range of different sensors, including marker-based and markerless motion capture systems, inertial sensors, force platforms, and EMG recordings, offering users unparalleled flexibility and depth in their analytical endeavors.
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Dig deeper into your data with Sift, your one-stop shop for efficient, large-scale data analysis. No matter how much data you collect, this powerful application gives you the ability to load multiple libraries at once and select only the signals and metrics you want for your analysis. Interactively explore your data, visualize it in fully-customizable plots, and analyse it using validated techniques. Elevate your data analytics strategy to new heights with Sift today

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Embarking on your biomechanical project has never been more straightforward. Join forces with HAS-Motion to unlock a realm of untapped potentials and groundbreaking discoveries. Contact us today to explore what is possible with our biomechanics software solutions.

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